From TSL: Sharing (Bikes) is Caring – Hubway at the BBA

TSL is back in action again, this time to highlight a new corporate partnership between the BBA and one of the fastest growing sustainable organizations in the Greater Boston area. That’s right, we’re talking Hubway.

So you’ve probably heard of Hubway at this point. If you haven’t, you must have seen the ports of bikes in Downtown Boston and spanning to Cambridge, Somerville and Brookline. For Hubway newbies, here’s a quick history lesson for you.

  • In 2007, Mayor Menino and the Director of Boston Bicycle Programs Nicole Friedman began looking into bike sharing programs and got the Metropolitan Area Planning Council involved, figuring (rightly) that this effort would need to encompass more than just Boston.
  • After doing copious research, they settled on Hubway (or Alta Bicycle Share if you want to get technical about it), who launched in 2011 with 600 bikes at 60 stations in Boston. One year later, after gauging Boston’s success, Cambridge, Somerville and Brookline added ports of their own.
  • Fast forward to today– it’s popular. Like really, really popular.  There arecurrently 108 stations with more than 1,000 bikes across Boston’s metro area, and no signs of slowing down. If that doesn’t impress you, this will: in less than two years, Hubway has logged more than 810,000 rides, including 130,000 since April 2 of this year.

If you’ve read TSL before, you know that the BBA has taken multiple steps to be more sustainable, from building changesparticipating in Grounds to Grow On(the K-Cup Recycling plan), undergoing an energy audit and even replacing all of its exit lights. This one’s a little bit different. Rather than making changes to the energy consumption of its building or day to day procedures, the BBA has given its employees the opportunity to be more sustainable on their own time – at significantly discounted rates.

Thanks to a few particularly industrious BBA employees, who surveyed staff interest and wrote up a proposal, the BBA elected to participate in Hubway’s Silver Corporate Sponsorship –which provides staff with a convenient, economical and environmentally form of transportation, for just $25 bucks a year per person. The best part? Rides inside 30 minutes are free of charge with a membership. So unless you get lost on those cow paths, it should be smooth (and free) pedaling.

If you’re worried about the safety of the BBA Staff, don’t be. In a few weeks, Boston will be rolling out Helmet Hub, a helmet sharing program (whose dispensers were invented by MIT), the first in the nation to do so. Did we mention the helmet dispensers were solar powered? Can’t beat that.

See Hubway’s Corporate Sponsors here.

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