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Family Law Committees

  • Family Law Communications Committee
    This committee publishes information relevant to the family law bar. If you are interested in an editorial position or writing for the newsletter or blog, contact the Co-Chairs.

    Contact Information

    Wendy O. Hickey

    Nissenbaum Law Offices

    (617) 330-9090

    Melinda Markvan

    Markvan Law LLC

    (617) 784-6832

  • Family Law Education Committee
    Help develop relevant and innovative educational sessions led by a diverse group of talented speakers who cover family law issues.

    Contact Information

    Joanne Eleanor Romanow

    Casner & Edwards, LLP

    (617) 426-5900

    Peter Jamieson

    Perocchi Family Law Group

    (978) 681 5665

    Thomas D. Ritter

    Atwood & Cherny, P.C.

    (617) 262 6400

    Katherine M. Potter

    Law Office of Katherine M. Potter

    (617) 877-8664

  • Family Law Public Policy Committee
    The BBA is very active in legislative and regulatory changes in the law. Family law attorneys are asked to lend their expertise.

    Contact Information

    Gayle Stone-Turesky

    Stone, Stone & Creem

    (617) 523-4567

    Peter G. Coulombe

    Massachusetts Department of Revenue

  • Family Law Public Service Committee
    This committee focuses on educating and training members about various pro bono opportunities. The committee also organizes community service and student outreach projects for the section.

    Contact Information

    Cynthia E. MacCausland

    Law Office of Cynthia E. MacCausland

    (617) 284-3804

    Abbe L. Hershberg

    Greater Boston Legal Services

    (617) 371-1234

  • Steering Committee
    The leadership committee of the Section organizes programs and discusses policy. To inquire about opportunities, please contact the Section Co-Chairs.