In Case You Missed It: A Recap of International Law September Programs

Monday, October 22, 2012
This September, the International Law Section here at the BBA held some great programs with intriguing and knowledgable speakers. Here is a recap of a few of these programs:

“A Discussion of the Import of Self-Executing Treaties with the Honorable Judge Torruella”

On September 10 the Honorable Judge Torruella presented remarks at the BBA to a group of practitioners, academics and students on the question of self-execution of treaties.  He explained the context within which the question of whether a treaty is self-executing arises.  He went on to discuss the procedural and substantive questions raised by the issue, situating them within the larger debate.   The presentation was a timely and insightful presentation of the current status of the question of self-execution. 

“Legality vs. Legitimacy: Governing from the National Interest Perspective” by Ambassador José Maria Argueta

On September 12 Ambassador José Maria Argueta, Secretary of Strategic Intelligence for Guatemala, presented at the BBA on the current rule of law challenges facing Guatemala.  He provided a detailed, expert view on the current conditions in Guatemala and the role vested interest groups play in their creation and maintenance.  He provided insight on potential legal and policy avenues to move away from the status quo towards a more equitable and just system.