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Boston Bar Develops New Resource to Help Marathon Bombing Victims

Underscoring a commitment to public service and helping to rebuild the community in the wake of the Boston Marathon attacks, Boston Bar Association President J.D. Smeallie today announced the release of two online resource packets designed to flag important issues. Potential Issues Facing Individuals Affected by the Marathon Bombings is targeted to people needing assistance -- ranging from filing One Fund claims to help seeking Federal and State benefits. Potential Legal Issues Facing Small Business Owners Affected by the Boston Marathon Bombings provides information relating to sources of assistance -- as well as insurance, real estate, bankruptcy, employment, non-profit status and other considerations.

"These legal checklists were developed by a team of highly sophisticated lawyer volunteers who put great care into making the lists as comprehensive and user friendly as possible.  The BBA is grateful that it could be helpful to those impacted by the bombings, and the quality of the checklists speak volumes about the dedication of our members," said Smeallie. "Our community partners -- the Mayor's Office and the Massachusetts Office of Victim Assistance -- will be sharing these resources with those in need."

Just days after the bombings, the BBA put out a call for pro bono help, and now has a pool of 200 individual volunteers, 26 law firms, and 3 law schools. Volunteers have already taken dozens of pro bono cases involving both individuals and also small businesses affected by the bombings.

In an effort to provide financial support as well as pro bono legal help, the Boston Bar Foundation, the charitable affiliate of the BBA, donated $25,000 to the One Fund.

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