The Sustainable Lawyer: What's a Green Lease?

When our friends at WilmerHale recently touched base with The Sustainable Lawyer to let us know they signed the first ever “Green Lease” for commercial office space at their new digs at 7 World Trade Center in NYC, we knew this was a big deal. But we found ourselves asking: What’s a green lease? During the pomp and circumstance of a press conference that included New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg, real estate giant Larry Silverstein (the developer of the World Trade Center towers) and WilmerHale Managing partner William J. Perlstein, phrases like “groundbreaking language,” “first of its kind,” and “incentivizing energy efficiency” all sounded great. When we took a step back, however, we realized we weren’t exactly sure what constituted a “Green Lease,” (or why everyone wasn’t signing “Green Leases”) and concluded that a lot of other people might be in the same boat as The Sustainable Lawyer.

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