Tackling the Basics: Real Estate Deals from Offer to Closing

Friday, February 17, 2012

On Wednesday, February 29th the BBA's Real Estate Section and New Lawyers Section will co-sponsor a CLE titled From Offer to Closing: A Primer for New and Developing Residential and Commercial Real Estate Attorneys, where a panel of experts will provide the basics on how to navigate a real estate transaction from offer to closing. This program is the first of a series of Basics programs that will be held at 16 Beacon.

In preparation for this CLE, BBA Week caught up with Ani Ajemian and Seth Malamut of Sherin & Lodgen -- who coordinated this CLE and serve as New Lawyers Liaisons to the Real Estate Section, for a Q&A about the upcoming program. Here is what they had to say:

Ani Ajemian Seth Malamut

1) What do you expect attendee’s to take away from this CLE?

Ani:Attendees can expect to hear a basic run down of a real estate transaction, start to finish.  They will hear negotiation tips and big issues to consider, how to trouble shoot problems as they may arise in the context of negotiating a purchase and sale agreement, securing title insurance, financing and, ultimately, closing a deal.  With this, they will walk away with samples of forms as well as draft language to consider, both of which may be directly applied in their practice.  In addition, the materials will be presented by experienced practitioners who can answer any questions the attendees have.

2) Why is it important to hold programs that teach new lawyers practical skills?

Seth:These programs are particularly important for emerging lawyers.  So much is learned by experience and mentoring by senior lawyers; if someone is just starting out on their own or does not have a network to tap into as they develop, these programs can help fill those gaps.  On the macro level, these types of programs provide lawyers with updates, issue spotting pointers and tips for their practice. 

3) Why should an attorney who took a Real Estate course in law school attend this program?

Ani:This program would be helpful for both law students studying real estate law, and for any practitioner working in real estate.  All students study property during law school, so any lawyer has some background knowledge of real estate.  These programs, however, provide in a more practical, “real world” context.  Basically, these programs are about taking the law and applying it properly to best serve your clients.

4) Would you like to hold more programs like this in the future?

Seth: Absolutely, these kinds of programs are important for developing lawyers and, in our view, important for the BBA to host on a somewhat regular basis. 

To learn more about the program, or to register, click here.