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Competitive Advantage: Using a Logo Contest to Brand Your New Firm

Friday, April 20, 2012

By Jan A. Glassman, Esq., Founder and co-owner of Daily General Counsel, PLLC

The following are excerpts from a blog on launching a new business.  This section picks up when it is time to get a professional looking logo.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Creating our Logo is next.  Since the current logo is truly just a monogram, we needed something that reflects who we are and what we do.   After hearing great things about, we decided to use an on-line logo contest.  Spent far too much time looking at their competition, reading reviews of other on-line logo contest websites and making comparisons of several companies.  Finally came full circle and created the contest on Logomyway. com.  Besides, they are based in Columbus and I am a Buckeye, after all.

To create our contest, we need to set the prize money, and choose the length of the contest – 5, 7 or 10 days.  We followed the recommendation of Logomyway and selected 7 days.  The prize can be any amount between $200 and $1000. The bigger the prize money, the more experienced and larger number of graphic designers we will attract, or so we were told.  We decided to pay $600.  We then provided detailed info about our business, our preferences and goals for the new logo.  As always, nothing takes 5 minutes.  It took a couple hours to complete the background info and get the contest underway.   Once the registration process was completed, we received an email from Joe, our dedicated account manager (who also happens to be the founder and a co-owner).  Joe sent us not only the personal link to enable us to rank the submissions but also a link to another site for friends and family to participate privately and give us their opinions.  Very cool.  Our contest had begun.

Within a few hours we had a handful of submissions.  Members of the public can watch our contest and several others in action.  You can see the designs, rankings, feedback, and winners.  Eventually, we will rank our favorites between 1 and 10, and identify those with “elements we like” and others will be labeled “not interested.”

Thursday, April 12, 2012

5:45 am, barely awake, but eager to check the Logomyway web site for new designs. We are up to 23 submissions.   By mid-day, we will log on to the client page and rank the submissions.   So far, we are seeing designs that are a vast improvement over our do-it-yourself logo, but nothing that captures the gestalt. 

Late in the afternoon, we have over 25 submissions.  Some are good but not great; most are not what we have in mind so we’re uncertain how to rank them. We put in a call to Joe.  He gives us the inside scoop – that we should wait another 24 or 48 hours before ranking, and we should not give any design a ranking higher than 5 or 6.   If we rank any design on the higher side, all the other designers will base their submissions on the early front-runners.  We also learned that the final 48 hours of the contest would produce the best submissions.  We need to be patient. 

Friday, April  13, 2012

We now have 53 designs and no free time to review them.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Other commitments prevented us from spending time on the logo designs over the past 2 days, and we now have a message from one designer asking for feedback.  We now have 80 designs.   We will do a complete review tomorrow.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

We now have over 90 designs.   After several thorough reviews of all submissions, we were able to identify 11 designs that possessed “elements we like.”  The remainder were labeled “not interested.”   In accordance with the guidelines, we posted extensive comments and feedback.  We specified the concepts that we liked and disliked. 

We also had a very positive experience with the host of the web site.  Once we had posted our comments, we found a typo in our post.  We tried to correct it with a second post, but our effort to refer to a numbered item in our first post was converted automatically into a hyperlink to an entry that we had rejected.   Not good.  I put in a call to our dedicated account manager, left a voice mail message, and then followed the instructions on the web host’s voice mail message and we sent an email to support at Logomyway.  Literally within minutes, our original post with the typo had been corrected, the second post with the unintended hyperlink was removed altogether, and we were back on track.  Could not have been easier - and this was on Sunday afternoon. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Woke up to find another 30 new designs.  Several took our comments to heart; some did not.  Nice to see the number growing.  By 6 pm, the overall total of submissions is 159, and we now have better choices.  We will rank them before the night is over. 

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