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Nine Small and Boutique Firms Become Boston Bar Sustaining Members

Monday, November 05, 2012

Highlighting its appreciation of the role that small and boutique law practices play in the vitality of the Boston Bar Association (BBA), BBA President James D. Smeallie today announced the launch of the BBA's Sustaining Firm Membership. Nine Boston firms -- all of whom have one or more partners that have held significant leadership posts at the BBA -- have accepted a special invitation to become charter Sustaining Firm Members.

The nine are Arrowood Peters; Beck Reed Riden; Chu, Ring & Hazel; Desmond Strang & Scott; Hiscock & Barclay; Laredo & Smith; Mackie Shea O'Brien; Rosenfeld Rafik & Sullivan; and Stone, Stone & Creem. None of the firms has more than ten lawyers, and each serves its own unique client roster of institutions or individuals or a combination of the two.

"Lawyers from these firms have served on our governing Council, on our Executive Committee, on our Finance Committee, and as Section Co-Chairs," said Smeallie. "They have helped shape BBA public policy, professional development initiatives, or worked with us to address complex issues facing our profession and our community. We owe these charter Sustaining Members our appreciation for helping to advance professional excellence, access to justice, service to the community, and diversity."

The charter Sustaining Firm members announced today will receive BBA membership for all attorneys and professional staff in their offices. At the same time they are making a statement about the impact of the BBA on their professional lives and in the community.

Solo & Small Firm Committees

  • Solo & Small Firm Public Policy Committee
    The BBA is very active in legislative and regulatory changes. Attorneys are often asked to lend their expertise.
  • Solo & Small Firms Communications Committee
  • Steering Committee
    The goal of the Committee for Attorneys with Disabilities is to build fellowship between attorneys with disabilities and their professional allies; share experiences, resources and career advancement strategies; and provide a forum for increased communication and understanding within the legal community. The Committee will work to develop opportunities for attorneys with disabilities and their allies to converge in social and educational settings.