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Boston Bar Launches "BBA Writers Pool"

Monday, March 04, 2013
Last week, the Boston Bar Association announced its new "BBA Writers Pool." This pool of BBA members will write short, practical articles for the BBA’s website, BBA Week, and blogs -- with a focus on BBA educational programming. 

We are excited about this new opportunity and think you should be too. Why? Because members get to:

• Identify an area of interest and draft original content
• Hone writing skills by summarizing BBA educational programs and providing members with practical takeaways
• Gain exposure by sharing their work with more than 10,000 members of the Boston legal community.

To join the BBA Writers Pool contact Eric Fullerton at

The BBA reserves the right to edit all content. 

Solo & Small Firm Committees

  • Solo & Small Firm Public Policy Committee
    The BBA is very active in legislative and regulatory changes. Attorneys are often asked to lend their expertise.
  • Solo & Small Firms Communications Committee
  • Steering Committee
    The goal of the Committee for Attorneys with Disabilities is to build fellowship between attorneys with disabilities and their professional allies; share experiences, resources and career advancement strategies; and provide a forum for increased communication and understanding within the legal community. The Committee will work to develop opportunities for attorneys with disabilities and their allies to converge in social and educational settings.