Thinking About Marketing: All of a sudden, Google “is spending big sums on TV, magazines and newspaper ads.” Why?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

By Patrice Robertie

“Once Shunning Ad Promos, Google Now Flaunts Itself” was the headline of a recent article in The Wall Street Journal.

It turns out that - according to former Google employees - “the company previously rejected the notion of advertising its own products, preferring to let its services gain popularity on their own.”

But now they are taking “a decidedly different approach to promote Google in area where its rivals dominate.”

Specifically, they are spending “big sums” on TV, magazine and newspaper ads to promote various services including the Google+ social network and the Chrome web browser.

How come? Two reasons, according to The Wall Street Journal. Google needed to create awareness of new products and - while they have a dominant footprint in search - Google had work to do in other areas to gain market share.

What does it all boil down to? Sounds like Google is discovering what many other businesses have learned about how customers actually find them. Sometimes it’s online, sometimes it’s not. And … TRADITIONAL MEDIA STILL DELIVERS.


Patrice Robertie works at Acorn Advertising where she works with Metro Boston attorneys to choose and then use the new business development/marketing techniques that bring in more of the right new business.