The BBA is pleased to offer the following courses for students needing Suffolk PDR Credit. The BBA is constantly working to add programs to its calendar, check back often for new programs that satisfy the requirements for Suffolk PDR Credit. To receive Suffolk PDR Credit, you must:

  • Register to attend a designated course. Suffolk University Law School has purchased a group membership for all students. If you need help with registration, accessing your BBA Member account, or activating your free membership, please contact us at and be sure to include your name and anticipated year of graduation.
  • All BBA programs that are pre-approved for Suffolk PDR credit will be indicated as such on our weekly Law Student Digest.
  • On the day of the program, please advise the BBA Staff upon arrival that you need Suffolk PDR Credit.
  • You must be present for the entire program to receive credit for attendance.
  • You will receive a standard Uniform Certificate of Attendance after the program that should be submitted to Suffolk University Law School’s Office of Academic Affairs.
  • All Suffolk PDR certificates of attendance will be emailed to attendees within TWO WEEKS of program attendance.
  • Upon receipt, YOU must submit your standard Uniform Certificate of Attendance to Suffolk University Law School’s Office of Academic Affairs.

If you have questions or need a certificate of attendance please email Francine Alexandre at or call (617) 778-1976

Upcoming Suffolk PDR Programs

No upcoming programs currently.
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