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Guantanamo Revisited: A Retrospective, the Status Quo and A Look Ahead

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM
Boston Bar Association - 16 Beacon Street, Boston, MA


Since it was first opened in early 2002, Guantanamo Bay prison has held up to 779 men from countries as varied as Pakistan, Great Britain, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Yemen, Germany and Algeria, who the Bush administration asserted had engaged in terrorist activities or otherwise represented threats to the United States.  The Bush administration gradually repatriated 532 of the detainees to countries that were close allies of the United States.  Pro bono attorneys from around the country filed habeas corpus petitions on behalf of most of the remaining men.  The Supreme Court ruled that these petitions could be heard on the merits, and some habeas trials were permitted to proceed to determine whether there was sufficient evidence to continue to hold these detainees.  As a consequence of the releases by the Bush administration, the habeas proceedings, forced repatriations, diplomatic negotiations, and the Obama administration’s own review and "clearance" process, all but 166 detainees have been transferred out of Guantanamo.  Many of the men now in custody, however, continue to be held without any formal adjudication of their cases, i.e., whether they pose a threat to the United States or whether there was ever sufficient evidence to imprison them.   86 detainees who were "cleared for release" by the Obama Administration remain indefinitely imprisoned.  Why are these detainees still being held?  Will another 46 prisoners deemed "too dangerous to release" and who have never had a trial ever be given one?  What does Guantanamo teach us about the American justice system almost twelve years after 9/11, and what does the future hold for the prison and its remaining detainees?  A distinguished panel of attorneys who filed habeas petitions on behalf of detainees will join us for a discussion of their experiences and an exploration of these and other questions. 

A networking reception to directly follow program.



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